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SNIP in the news...

Tom and Samantha

SNIP in eBella Magazine

'SNIP'ping the Challenges of Over-pup-ulation



Florida Weekly covers SNIP

Saving lives: local spay/neuter nonprofit helps with more than surgeries  

Florida Weekly Correspondent 


The little black dog was limp.

Two children had come running in with the animal as Tom Kepp, founder and CEO of SNIP Collier, went about gathering pets to be spayed and neutered in Immokalee....

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SNIP Collier, Inc IS A 501(C)(3) ORGANIZATION

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About Us

Our Mission and Goal

Founded in 2013

Mission: To provide Spay & Neuter services to the most impoverished communities in Collier County Florida.  
Goal: To end the euthanizing of otherwise adoptable dogs due to the pet overpopulation crisis.

Too many dogs are euthanized every year in Collier County due to pet overpopulation.  The most effective and humane way of addressing the pet overpopulation crisis is through community spay/neuter programs combined with public awareness.  

We continue to share statistics with Collier County Domestic Animal Services which have shown a direct line between the increase in dogs that we have sterilized and a decrease in the number of dogs that have been euthanized since 2013.  Providing spay and neuter services to those who would otherwise be unable or unwilling to sterilize their companion animals has an immense impact on the number of unwanted or abandoned dogs.

What SNIP Collier Does

  • Free spay & neuter surgeries for your dog.
  • Foster program for pregnant dogs, through our partnership with Gulf Coast Humane Society in Fort Myers, FL.  After the puppies are weaned from their mother, they will be surrendered to Gulf Coast, spayed/neutered, and put up for adoption.  The mother will be spayed and returned to her family.
  • Owner Surrender, through our partnership with Gulf Coast Humane Society.

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SNIP Collier

(239) 825-5834

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